Welcome to the Author Ecosystems, a publication that helps authors build thriving businesses. We help you understand your personal marketing and sales strengths through The Author Ecosystems archetype system developed by USA Today bestselling authors Monical Leonelle and Russell Nohelty. We believe you are not doing marketing wrong, you are doing the wrong marketing.

After working with thousands of authors to help turn their love of writing and publishing into a sustainable career, we have observed five clear and unique publishing ecosystems (or archetypes) that closely align with author success. We believe that identifying your ideal author ecosystem and focusing on marketing actions that work with your natural tendencies is the surest path to thrive as an author.

We’ve mapped these archetypes onto the five ecosystem biomes on Earth (Desert, Grassland, Tundra, Forest, and Aquatic) to provide a clear, easily visualized metaphor for each type and linked them to successful publishing strategies that work best for each one. We’ve also identified healthy and unhealthy habits for each type and have developed guidance to create a healthy ecosystem and foster a sustainable author career using strategies that align with your natural strengths.

While we’ve created this framework to work across the entire publishing cycle, including craft and mindset, our focus remains on sales and marketing, and this is where we think we can help people create individualized plans for themselves the most.

Some of the questions we hope the Author Ecosystem Archetypes can answer include:

  • Why am I struggling to turn my writing into a career?

  • What advice should I take (and what can I filter out)?

  • How can I prevent burnout while building my career?

Depending on your archetype, there will be certain things that resonate with you more than others, and different strategies will help you to thrive. The Author Ecosystem helps you identify those things that will help you most and abandon things that don’t serve you. 

Are you a nimble Desert, a rolling Tundra, an expansive Grassland, an interconnected Forest, or a dynamic Aquatic

Take the quiz and find out.

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Through this publication, we will share the latest research on The Author Ecosystems, personalized marketing, and building a sustainable author business. We have been working with authors for a combined 25+ years and have helped countless authors build thriving careers.

This is the best time in human history to be a writer. For centuries, writing was confined to the leisure class. Then, from the end of WW2 until the release of the Kindle, publishing success was concentrated in big cities like New York and London.

For the first time in, anyone from any walk of life, anywhere in the world, has the ability to build a successful author career.

However, it gets more complicated to have success with each passing year. At The Author Ecosystems, we stay at the forefront of publishing and help you make sense of what can help you move your career forward right now and still resonate with the way you naturally thrive.

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Are you a nimble desert, a rolling tundra, an expansive grassland, an interconnected forest, or a dynamic aquatic? Dig deep into the new methodology developed by USA Today bestselling authors Monica Leonelle and Russell Nohelty.


Russell Nohelty 

USA Today bestselling author of fantasy books and comics who sits at the intersection of craft and commerce, helping authors create sustainable businesses that light them up inside.

Monica & Russell

Writer MBA is a training company for the publishing industry that teaches and mentors authors on sales, marketing, and business principles to help them sell more books. It is owned by USA Today bestselling authors Monica Leonelle and Russell Nohelty.

Monica Leonelle 

Writer, Entrepreneur, and USA TODAY bestselling author, ENTP, 3w2, and Aquarius. I am an idea person and proud of it.